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Paul Giovenco


Paul is a founding Director of Giovenco Projects Pty Ltd. Paul has over 35 years of experience in the construction industry having been the CEO and Managing Director for industrial based construction and maintenance company Giovenco Industries Pty Ltd.

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Paul’s experience has been in the construction of major mining, oil & gas and power assets for companies such as BHP, Woodside, Chevron, Caltex, Shell, Santos and many more. As part of his leadership of Giovenco Industries he was responsible for the safety and well being of more than 1,500 employees working throughout Australia, as well as delivering the major projects within budget for his clients.

In 2015 Giovenco Industries Pty Ltd was sold to Dutch multi-national company Stork and Paul quoted that the single biggest achievement he felt in his career was “after over 30 years of high-risk construction environment and having employed over 50,000 people in that time, there was never a fatality or major safety incident under his watch”.

Paul together with his co-Director and management team at Giovenco Projects Pty Ltd wants to be customer focused and easy to do business with, delivering every expectation of his clients whilst making sure employee, sub-contractor and those working around us goes home safe to their families each day.

Paul is excited to have joined with his son Mark to form the Giovenco Projects venture so as to deliver the same morale’s and standards to their residential, commercial and industrial building clients.


Mark Giovenco

Mark is a founding Director of Giovenco Projects Pty Ltd. Mark is a licensed builder and has been the Managing Director of Megabuilt Pty Ltd for the past 10 years.

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Since the age of 17, Mark has educated himself in the construction industry, via outstandingly completing a Certificate in Carpentry, then the Builders Construction Course and attained his full building licence. During those early years Mark cut his teeth on working on many top end builds and renovation in and around Sydney Eastern suburbs and commercial fit out projects.

As soon as he attained his licence Mark formed Megabuilt and commenced offering his skills directly to his own customer base. Mark’s experience has been in the building of high quality residential, commercial and industrial projects for individuals and corporations.

Mark has overseen many building projects to successful completion, and it is very important to Mark that he builds a strong repour with his clients to understand the real outcome they would like to see from their projects.

“Listening to clients and working closing together with my building knowledge is what delivers on time, on budget and safe projects for the customer”, Mark says.

When Paul (Marks father) became free to commence another business venture Mark thought that the joining of his knowledge with Paul’s commercial and business knowledge with his building and construction skills to form Giovenco Projects would enable strong business growth that would lead to a successful family owned construction business with family safety morals.


compliance profile

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We value our management structure and we are so passionate about continuing to practise a strong safety work culture. We continue to monitor and follow up everyone on site and coaching all employees and sub-contractors into living and working safely.

We are experienced in carrying out high risk tasks in operational plants and our OHS System is written to AS/NZS ISO 45001:2018 and AS/NZS ISO 4801:2001. We provide a suite of policies, procedures and tools for ensuring hazards and risks are identified and assessed in a collaborative way with everyone involved in the works.

Whether it’s working at heights, heat sources, confined spaces, open penetrations, toxic gases, and the many more hazards we make sure we think about the consequences first and take actions to control them before and during the works.


The third part of a suite of systems that ensure risk control and mitigation to our employees, clients, partners and the society is our Environmental Management System that has been written to comply with AS/NZS ISO 14001:2016 this system provide us with policies and procedures to control risks that may lead to disturbing or tainting the environment we work in.


Giovenco Projects delivers the quality clients expect.

Our quality system is written to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2016, giving clients peace of mind that materials and services are constantly monitored and checked for best quality both by internal management and external consultants.


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