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 Our Process

We have provided you with a list to help you plan your next project with us.


1. Pre-Planning

Speak with us about getting you an architect and to have initial discussions regarding your project.

2. Conceptual Plans & Budget

Our architect will draft up some conceptional plans for discussion with you and your local council. The architect should be able to give a rough budget for the construction to you, varying with the level of luxury you choose, any special conditions from Council or any unforeseen items in case of renovations.

3. Development Application

Once the conceptional plans are agreed to, Giovenco Projects and the architect can then prepare the drawings and documents for lodging the Development Application (or Complying Development Application) with your local Council. Usually there is a period of time to wait after lodging so Council can seek neighbours reviews of your plans and checking your plans compliance to the Local Environmental Plan.

4. Engage an Engineering Consultant

Upon approval of the Development or Complying Application, speak with us to help engage an Engineering consultant to design any structural or civil areas of your project.

5. Interior Design

Whilst the engineering is underway, it is a good idea to speak to an Interior Designer and/or Colour Expert to help you choose your finishes. This will allow us to more accurately provide you with a construction price.

6. Preparation of Construction Contract

Once the engineering and finishes schedule are done, we can now price your project based off the information from the Council, Architect, Engineer and Colour and Interior Designer. This will usually take a us 2-3 weeks and will be provided in a detailed written quotation, setting out all conditions and assumptions made in the quoting process.

7. Contract Consideration

Whilst assessing our quotation, do not be afraid to meet with us to face to face for anything in the contract that require more clarity. Note that in NSW for residential projects over $5,000, your builder must be licenced by NSW Fair Trading. We are definitley licensed as outlined in your quotation for Home Building Compensation Fund (previously known as Home Owner Warranty Insurance).

8. Contract Acceptance

After you have reviewed and agreed with our estimate, it’s time to award the contract to us. At Giovenco Projects, we always use the NSW Master Builders Contract as this covers all areas for the project of all parties and clearly sets out all of the important terms and conditions. Note that if building under finance, your Financer or Bank will generally wish to review the Construction Contract before signing to understand the payment schedule this is generally a condition of you loan.

9. Construction Certification

Now that you’ve locked in Giovenco Projects, its time to go back to Council and get your Construction Certificate (CC). No work can commence without the CC. The CC confirms the building plans are compliant to the Building Code or Australia and meet the conditions of the Development or Complying application previously approved.

10. Appoint a PCA

It’s now time to appoint a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA). The PCA is the only person or body that will issue interim or final occupation certificates. The PCA must be appointed before construction starts. Your PCA could be an accredited certifier or a certifier from your local council, this cost is usually paid by the owner and is not in the contract price.

Your PCA must advise you at least 2 days before building commences of the inspections required for your construction and you must advise us of these inspections in writing so we can let you know when they are ready along the way.

11. Construction Begins

Now you’re ready to start construction and we can mobilise to site and get on with your build. Just be mindful that during the build you may have responsibilities to meet in undecided colour, equipment, tile choices etc. Please don’t delay use by procrastinating on making these decisions. Also if you wish to change anything after the contract is signed, it is important that variations submitted in writing and we quote you in accordance with the contract terms so there will be no surprises. We will ask to have the variations signed off by you on the way.

12. Construction

Please do not be offended should we not allow you access to the site during construction. A construction site can be a very dangerous location and correct training, induction and personal protective equipment needed to enter site. Giovenco Projects is totally responsible for keeping the site safe and everyone entering the site. As such should you wish to visit your project for a review of work progress, always make a time to meet with our site supervisor and ask for any specific clothing or access requirements.

13. Construction Complete

The big day has arrived when your project is complete and ready for you to move in. Don’t forget the obtain the final clearance to move in which is your Occupation Certificate from your PCA. Your PCA will inspect the property and sign off that it is fit to occupy.

14. Handover

Giovenco Projects hands over the keys to you.